Friday, July 23, 2010

Twilight 5K

The Twilight 5K was surprisingly cooler than I expected. It was a fun race, but I started too fast (splits were 6:20, 6:58, 7:10, and 39 seconds). I ended up in 5th place, 21:09, and you can see I slowed down a lot for miles 2 and 3. I was proud of the other FF team members in front of me--Candace in 2nd, Kathy in 3rd, and Dana in 4th. If you have never met Kathy, she is an amazing woman with talents in shorter races like the 5K, but also in longer races, like 100-milers! She is so impressive and very modest too.

My kids came to the race and Rick and I took turns watching them. During my race, they were playing under a magnolia tree. Their cheering helped me a lot. It is fun running when others are cheering for you, but no one can cheer for you like your own family!

In case you don't catch the talking in the video, my daughter says, "It WAS her!" (there were 2 other runners who looked rather similar to me and who were wearing the same uniform in front of me. I guess there was some debate about whether it was me from far away. Don't you love her lisp?). Then my son says, "Mommy's gonna win!" (again, I got 5th place, not quite a win!).

The kids ran the one mile together (we finished almost last and I had to sing songs to distract them enough to run/walk to the end. Of course, when they were done, they were back to running around everywhere chasing the tennis balls they found!). Rick got a 19:45 and has been steadily shaving time off of his sub-20 time. Go honey!

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