Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tempo, 10 Mile Run, and Birthday 20 Miler August 16-20, 2011

My daughter's birthday party was on my birthday, Saturday, August 20th.  I went to bed with a sick stomach on Thursday night because I had so much to do for the party but also because I had to get up, run 10 miles, go to work, get ready for the party, go to bed, get up, and run 20 miles all before the party on Saturday.  So the running's been stressing me out.  Her party, however, was a huge success and deserves one of the sappy sentimental posts that I love to write!  Her (and my) favorite part was when she ran through the grass like Rapunzel, just to give you a hint about how perfect this party was for the both of us. 

Tempo Run Wednesday, August 16th
Splits: 10:58, 9:36, 7:52, 7:57, 8:51, 8:36 Average pace 8:58
If I have two words to sum up this run (and all of my runs this week), they would be too slow.  If you remember, tempo runs in this program are supposed to gradually build up to a 10-k pace for 6 minutes, or for 45 minutes of total running.  So mile 3 or 4 in there should have been a 7 minute mile (or faster).  I added an extra 10 minutes just because it was a 6 mile route.

I just don't have the power to get these runs faster.  Of course, when I mention this to Rick, he reminds me that I always train slow and race faster.  It just bugs me that now I am wearing a Garmin and I know how slow I am actually going.

10 Mile Run Friday, August 19th
Splits: 10:30, 10:15, 10:05, 9:50, 10:08, 10:03, 10:02, 9:47, 9:14, 8:03 Average pace: 9:48
Pace wasn't as important to me today-- just getting out there and getting the miles done was the goal.  I ran most of these with my friends, but did the last two alone and threw the 8:03 in there to prove to myself that I could go faster if I wanted to.  I still think it's kinda crazy to run 10 miles the day before a 20-miler...but I managed to do it!

20 Mile Run Saturday, August 20th
Splits: 10:27, 10:22, 10:29, 10:13, 9:47, 9:56, 9:38, 9:27, 9:27, 9:35, 9:25, 8:54, 9:15, 8:57, 9:10, 9:44, 9:08, 9:21, 9:22, last mile ? (Garmin died)  Average pace: 9:37
Factors that worked against me for this run were the lack of hydration (forgot to place a water bottle so used the gatorade I carried as my only drink), tired legs, and other things on my mind (the party!).  The worst part of the run was at the end of mile 19.  I found a water fountain and stopped the Garmin only to see that the low battery kept it from starting again to time my 20th mile.  I wear a Garmin and a watch for just this reason.  So I ran to my house and ran circles around the front of it until my watch said a time I was sure would have me good for the whole 20.  Yes, it was the kind of run where I would rather run back and forth in front of my house than run one extra step.

A good happy birthday present to me was a new pair of running sunglasses from Rick.  I won my old pair at a trail marathon years ago and have worn them daily since.  Yes, my running sunglasses serve as my everyday pair too.  I know, I am so stylish!  I had not realized how scratched up the old ones were.  Thanks, Rick!


  1. Alright Katie you give me hope that maybe I will be like you and will bust out a totally fast Marathon. I have never ran one before. I have run a half before which my time was 1:49:03 (I did stop to pee so maybe a bit faster (of course I have to put that in there)). I actually didn't even run my first mile without stopping until after I had my first baby. Running is pretty new to me so I'm curious to see what I'm made of. My body always wants to run so fast doing my long runs but I have to remind myself to slow down so I don't get burnt out. I'm going to remember your split times and tell myself Katie runs at this pace and she rocks at the race. I can't believe that you looked at my blog it is embarrassing. I gave up on it like most bloggers awhile ago but I really should start back up and record my runs. I have some pretty funny stories lately since my bowel movements have not been cooperating. Have a good running week and happy late birthday. Oh yeah and my name is Sarah, Little lou is the nickname my dad gave me.

  2. Love it! And I am so impressed with your workouts - and that you are sticking with them despite the new challenge of running a 10 miler before a 20 miler. Whew!

    I also LOVE that Clara wanted to run through the grass barefoot like Rapunzel. I recently watched that movie with my niece and I absolutely loved it.

    And I hate that I missed your birthday. I hope it was a WONDERFUL one and that I can hear all about it on a run soon!

  3. Happy birthday! That's a great average pace for a 20 miler, especially on a summer day!

  4. Thank you, Tina! It's good to have a new reader on my blog! And I appreciate the kind words. It's hard slowing down for the heat.