Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Week's Long Run

Saturday's long run was a 17-miler.  Maybe it would help if I had a pace in mind to run these things in.  On Saturday, I just drove to my starting point having EXACTLY enough time for 17 10-minute miles until I needed to get home.  I thought, "No problem.  I can do this with room to spare!"  Then I got running, and my first mile was 11:35.  Every time I start ramping up my weekly miles, things start hurting and feeling tight.  I attribute this to my lack of cross training and poor stretching.  Anyway, my right calf and my left shin have been bothering me, and neither one felt very good during that first mile.  I am also not used to having only one rest day a week.  Six days of running each week has been a challenge for me. 

Things got better, and by mile 4 I was running a sub 10 minute mile.  The good thing about long runs is that sometimes a warm up can take a few miles.  No rush!  As I was finishing my sixth mile, my friend Alice ran up to me.  We were able to run together for a little while.  It was nice having the company!  I was still trying to get my overall pace down to 10 minute miles by that point so that I'd have time to finish my whole 17 miles.  I had to leave her and continue alone. 

My pace ended up at 9:25, with my last mile being an 8:47, much better than the first mile and a good way to end the run.  I made it home just in time for Rick to go to volunteer at a race.  Finding time in our week to both get our running and volunteering in is still a challenge, but I am feeling better about it.


  1. I appreciate your feedback on long runs!
    It's good to hear how a great seasoned runner gets long runs in. :)

  2. You know, my first few miles are always a little tough and a little slower than I'd like. But the body HAS to warm up - especially in the mornings. And with 17 miles to get in - that is plenty of time to get that average down. I think that is a pretty rockin' overall pace for the temps these days too!!!