Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Week's Long Run (A Little Late) and This Week's Hill Work

Hill Work today--I did two pretty big hills in a 6 mile route, but my group continued on for a total of about 8 miles and hit one more big hill.  I kind of wimped out, trying to conserve for Friday and Saturday of this week.  Knowing that I have a marathon pace 9 miles and a long run of 19 miles is starting to wear on me.  I DON'T look forward to either of these training runs.  And I am preparing my classroom for Open House and school next week, so I am more tired than usual from that.  I have been working around 6 hours a day, preparing the room, attending meetings, and staying up late typing stuff we'll need.

Long Run Saturday, August 6---13 miles
Enjoyed this long run since the first 11 miles were with my friend, Jane.  Average pace for the run was 9:10, and the last two miles were 7:45 and 8:01.  It was supposed to be a half marathon race (I don't know why Hal scheduled it as such), but obviously I did not go half marathon pace for ANY of the run.  That is okay.  But somewhere in this training, I want to start feeling GOOD during the runs and not tired!

Bad News (Two Strikes)
Last year, I won three races (first overall female): McKay Hollow Madness, Run Through the Roses 10K, and Monte Sano 5K.  Part of the fun in winning is coming back the next year to defend your title.  So far, TWO of the three races have been CANCELLED.  McKay Hollow due to lightening, and Run Through the Roses (was actually rescheduled twice) due to scheduling conflicts.  I am starting to feel like bad luck, and I am disappointed that I won't be able to race in these events.  I was hoping for a course record in the RTTR!!  I bet I'm not the only one who's disappointed...but there's always 2012!

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  1. I was disappointed about the RTTR cancellation as well. I don't think they should have rescheduled for heat...everyone knows what races in the summer are going to be like. But oh well. You've still got the Monte Sano 5k and you've won several others as well! A pretty exciting season, I'd say!