Monday, May 12, 2014

Third Trimester Thoughts

I am almost 34 weeks, and things are still going well.  My blood pressure, the baby's heart rate, and my measurements look good.  I am seeing my doctor every two weeks now.  Once the craziness of the end of the year is over, I will go weekly.  What good timing!  

Weight Gain
I am really starting to believe that we really don't have a whole lot of control over this.  I've had 2 months of big weight gain (13 pounds and 7 pounds), but the rest have been pretty small, so that indicates the lack of control I have in this department!  I certainly didn't do anything drastic from month to month.  All in all, I am at 24 pounds total right now. 

Today was the last day of running with my group.  They average around 10 minute miles for 6+ miles.  I attempted a 6 mile run with them last Monday and could not keep up, but a sweet friend stayed back with me at the end.  Today, same thing.  I knew once I started having trouble keeping up, I would have to say good-bye for now.  I'll be back before long!

On my own, I can keep an 11-12 minute mile pace and plan to continue running 4-5 miles 2-3 times a week with the elliptical for the other 3-4 days and with one rest day.  While running, I sometimes feel pressure in my groin, and I back off the pace when this happens.  I have found that the weight belt helps, as does just walking.  My Saturday run turned into a walk with a couple of short runs thrown in.  I listen to my body and know when to back off.

Last Double Digit Run?
My last weekly 10 miler was at 33.5 weeks in 1:46.  It was done with Rick in laps around the neighborhood early Friday morning!  I was a little slow getting going but found a good grove as we chatted and caught up on life.  It was almost like a free date and felt so nice to have time to talk!  He was very sweet to stay with me the whole time at a pace that is much slower than his normal pace.  

I wore compression socks since sometimes my legs feel very full and heavy, and they felt good with the socks on.  The problem I face is in the recovery after these longer runs.  I am very tired the rest of the day and a little achy.  This may have been my last one of these.  Even 6 mile runs are starting to seem too far for me.  

Running Girls' Shower
My group hosted a fun Girls' Night Out and Baby Shower for me back in April.  I love it when we get together and can talk face-to-face instead of side-by-side!  The baby got some great things, a nice balance of "essentials" and also some fun outfits.  We are starting to feel more ready for her arrival each day!  I'm so glad I got to celebrate with these friends.

Good-bye, Old Friend
With an almost 8 year old and 7 year old, the time had come to say good-bye to a big part of my days of early motherhood--the double jogging stroller.  I listed it on an on-line site, and it sold very quickly.  My kids ride bikes, run with me, or can even stay at home as I run laps around the neighborhood now.  We are in a different stage of life (though of course I am keeping my single!).  It didn't make sense to keep this stroller anymore, but it was still hard to see it go.  This stroller represented freedom and the strong will I had to keep running even when it was hard.  I am so glad I made my "comeback" to running with this stroller.  It made me stronger, both mentally and physically.  And I will always believe that our kids do better when they know that we make time for ourselves and our interests too.  My kids spent time in here, yes, but they were enjoying fresh air, having conversations and snacks together, and learning that Mommy matters too.  I hope it will bless the next family as much as it did ours.