Thursday, March 27, 2014

27 Weeks, 27 cm on March the 27th!

24 weeks pregnant

Not much new to report.  Things are staying almost boring right now!  Today I found out that I passed my glucose screening test, have gained a total of 19 pounds in this pregnancy, and am measuring right on track (27 cm and 27 weeks).

On the running front, things are going okay too.  We've still had some colder mornings here, so I work out on the elliptical on those days.  Except for a brief setback on our beach trip a couple of weeks ago (only worked out 1 time in 5 days!), I have kept up the 5-6 days of workouts a week.  Sometimes I am able to run 3 times a week, but mostly I am aiming for 2 runs a week.  My last 2 runs were my weekly "long" run with my usual running group (I wanted 10 miles but ended up finishing the run with them for 12 miles at a 9:40 pace last Saturday) and today's 5.5 mile run (around a 10:30 pace, included a potty stop since I'd had a big glass of water before heading out).  I feel fine when I run--no cramping or aches, but I have had some chaffing in some unusual spots for me.  So now I am remembering to use Body Glide before my runs!  Also, the weight of my tummy is getting a little much, so I am looking into a running belt to support me as I run.

As I head into the third trimester, I am looking towards other women who have "braved" running in this trimester to guide me.  I found this blog when searching the internet for blogs and really admired this girl's openness and thoroughness in describing her running.  Rick has casually mentioned a fall marathon, but I honestly think it is easier for me to run now (at 27 weeks pregnant) than it will be for me to run late summer with no sleep and while nursing a newborn!  How would I train for a marathon??  Of course, it is a very tempting offer and something that is fun to think about right now.