Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giving Up and Gaining

I recently made a tough change for me--giving up my Diet Cokes.  I had decided over a year ago to try to give up my two-a-day habit.  I wasn't comfortable with relying on caffeine to get through the day.  I didn't like the aspartame in the diet drinks.  My sister (the one with the Ph.D in Chemical Engineering) wouldn't touch the stuff anymore.  I knew it was a bad habit, but, like I told a few of my friends, it's almost like I liked doing something that I knew wasn't good for me.

Well, one day in May I just decided enough is enough.  I had dropped this habit when I was pregnant, and I could do it now in preparation for another possible pregnancy and just for me.  It was something that I wanted to conquer, so I did.  I had read a tip--don't just give it up cold turkey.  Instead, make a switch to something similar, like a different brand.  I originally gave up my Diet Mountain Dew habit this way--I switched to Kroger brand Diet Coke.  It didn't phase me at all.  This time, I decided to switch to Sprite.  Yes, full-calorie Sprite!!!!  I couldn't imagine wanting to drink that stuff, but sure enough, on my first day without Diet Coke I craved something in a can that first morning.  So I drank the Sprite.  And even a second one that same day!  At 140 calories a can, those calories added up quickly.

The switch was going fine until the marathon on June 3rd.  Yes, I made it through caffeine headaches and was even able to have two Diet Cokes in my fridge that I didn't touch for a couple of weeks.  After the marathon, I was injured and running less.  Those 140 calories a can were not getting burned off much as I went from 50+ miles a week to probably 20 miles or so.  I don't weigh myself, but I imagine that I began gaining weight from those extra calories.  I didn't know what to do and even contemplated going back to Diet Coke.

Thankfully, I gave it some more time and broke the habit for good.  It's been almost two months.  I now drink maybe 1/2 a can of Sprite a day.  I am back to running 40 or so miles a week.  I prefer a nice tall glass of water in the morning and even with dinner (my two weak spots for Diet Coke).  I have given up a bad habit and formed a healthier one instead--a good thing since temperatures have been record-breaking this summer, and I'm drinking all the time!


  1. I've never been a fan of any soda at all (since sweet beverages gross me out in the extreme) but I heard it's a tough habit to break. I had a friend who said it was just as hard as dropping cigarettes!!! Congratulations to you.

  2. Hey! I didn't know you were doing this. I mean we've talked about it before, but I didn't know you'd decided to go for it. See, this is the kind of stuff I miss on those morning runs. :) I think this is great, my friend. I may have already told you about these, but I have a few things that helped me quit cokes (or drink less of them).

    Izze drinks are fizzy and they are just fruit juice and water. The cans are only 90 calories. Same with Oceanspray blueberry and cranberry (found in juice aisles). I have also discovered a love for green tea and I posted a Tuesday Treat about it a while back. I put 1/4 cup of honey in the whole pitcher, so it is not super calorific, but it is soooooo yummy, especially after a hot summer morning run (or waddle, in my case these days). Green tea has some caffeine, but not much at all, so I can enjoy it even in my pregnancy.

    Those things may not be to your liking, but I thought I'd tell you about them just in case. And I want to get together soon and catch up! Even on little things like quitting diet cokes. :)

  3. GREAT JOB!!! My husband is extremely addicted to DC. Although he's made a substantial cut in the number he drinks per day, he has no intention of quitting completely....but I still have hope. :D

  4. Jane, to be honest I've never tried tea. Maybe I could try your kind sometime? You are right about suggesting juice instead of just sugary drinks to replace my diet drinks.