Monday, June 25, 2012

The Toe

I am in the third week now of having a painful, swollen left pinkie toe after stubbing it on June 3.  While I usually shy away from seeing doctors, the pain was so bad that I was sure it was broken so I went to an urgent care center two weeks ago.  They X-rayed it and said it was not broken.  They buddy taped it to the one next to it.  

Here I am three weeks after stubbing it, trying to run on it because who rests for over three weeks for a hurting toe?  I got some advice today from a doctor friend of mine to rest it until it is not painful to move.  I don't think I am going to totally rest it, but I will continue to buddy tape it and hope the swelling will go down soon.

Look at these pictures of my feet if you dare!!

left pinkie toe swollen

comparison to the right foot---
and an ugly big black toenail's new toenail growing in (see the deep ridge in it?)


swelling evident from this angle

And there you have it.  I have ugly feet!


  1. Ouchie!! Well good thing it is not broken! Hope it heals up soon :)

  2. Sorry you hurt your toe, babe. But I'm glad you kicked the suitcase and not me!

  3. Kris, thank you! It is feeling slightly better and I am able to run on it. Who would ever think such a tiny thing could hurt so much???

    Rick, Thanks for commenting on the blog! I would never kick you!!!! ;)

  4. Poor little toe! Isn't it amazing how something so small can cause so much trouble?! I sure hope the swelling goes down SOON and you are back to running comfortably!

  5. OUCH!! I'm glad to hear you say it's getting better looks very painful.

  6. Your toes look like my toes. And your times look similar to my times but just a bit faster I think. ;) Excited to find your blog!! Really looking forward to following you. Thanks for the comment today. Hope your toe is much much better by today.

  7. Amanda, I think I found your blog through Tia's. It is so fun to "meet" someone through blogging that has some of the same dreams and even daily challenges as you do. I love that you have similar marathon goals and that you are a mom too. I can relate to much of what you post, and I hope to learn from your awesome training too! Thanks for following my blog!