Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Double Stroller in Florida!

At Disney!
I'm back after a nearly week-long trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Rick had a work trip there, and I decided to tag along with the kids.  Fun times!  Here are a few things we did:
I took the kids on a double stroller run while Rick was at work.  I carried the stroller from our room down to the lobby (I love our Bob, but it doesn't fit through standard door frames so we have to carry it through).  Then, I got the kids their breakfasts and piled the plates and bowls onto their laps in the stroller.  The kids were going to spend the rest of the day running around the beach and swimming at the pool, so they would do fine for a short run.

Then I noticed that the stroller's tires were very low but not quite flat.  I decided I would try to inflate them at a gas station and found one about 15 minutes into my run.  After taking the cap off of one of the tires, it quickly deflated, and no air was coming out of the hose.  That's when I walked around the machine and saw the sign, "Air $1.00."  So I dashed into the store carrying two $1 bills.  The attendant, who must have seen me struggling outside, would only give me $1 change and wasn't very nice about it!  The lady behind me in the line said, "Don't worry, your day will get better."  Having tossed and turned all night and now this, I really did believe it could only get better.  I ran back out to where I had left the kids in the stroller to their cries of "What are you doing, Mommy?" and "Why aren't we going?"

I put the quarters into the machine and heard a loud sound as the air came on.  Knowing I only had $1 and that the attendant wasn't going to give me any more change, I quickly started filling the tires.  I managed to get them all inflated properly and gladly resumed my run.  Nothing like a little adventure to make the run interesting!
I went on a beach run the next day alone.  I couldn't get the hang of running in the sand with my shoes on, so I headed back to the road.  I turned it into a little of a tempo run and did one sub-7:00 minute mile with 7 miles total.
I went two days without running!  One day, we were at Disney, and we walked all day long (9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).  The stroller came in handy that day!  The next day, we rode home for another 12 hour day.
It felt great to get my usual 10 miles on Monday even though I left Florida's 70 degree highs for our 30's.



  1. Looks like you had fun!! Florida sounds really nice right now, I'm excited for warmer weather soon :)

  2. How fun! Isn't Florida weather lovely in the winter! :)