Friday, June 22, 2012

A&M 5K Volunteering

The annual A&M road 10K changed to a hilly road/trail 5K course this year.  It was held on Saturday, June 9, 2012.  Since I was still not able to run, I volunteered with my family.  I like volunteering at this race and actually have not run it myself in several years.  We were assigned to the aid station right after Mile 2.  We enjoyed handing out the waters and cheering for our friends.  

I was so proud to see my good friend, Julia, come in first overall female!  She won another 5K the following week, putting her at four overall wins at 5Ks for the year!  Cheering for her really distracted me from how awful I felt.  Even walking was painful, and I couldn't even begin to imagine running.  But feeling happy for my friend really helped me forgot about those troubles for the day!

Our aid station with other volunteers

Julia has a big lead in the women's race.

Rick splashes the kids with water after the race!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE volunteering at races. If you can't beat them, hydrate and cheer them! Great job!

  2. Thanks for cheering! It was a tough course. When you said that cheering for me distracted you, it made me think of McKay Hollow. That was not a good race for me, but when I heard that you won, it definitely made me feel better. I like to see my friends do well. :)

    I had better enjoy these little wins while I can. Pretty soon I'll be back to chasing you! :)

  3. Volunteering with you was fun. You've got a knack for getting good photos. The "splash" shot is great!

  4. Kathy, me too, and more so the more I do. At first, I felt awkward volunteering and didn't feel competent. Now I just do my best and realize that all help is appreciated!

    Julia, You are amazing! It's been fun watching your awesome year take shape. Keep it up, girl. I see a great 1/2 marathon time in your future!!

    Thanks, Rick! You make a great dad. It's fun capturing the moments you have with the kids.

  5. Man...1) Julia has fantastic form and 2) Rick is SO RIGHT-- you have a knack for getting great shots--the one of Julia running and the splash shot--priceless! :D