Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HTC Meeting Monday, July 23, 2012

Our local running group is called the Huntsville Track Club, or HTC.  Here is the link to the HTC's website.  I know I have written about the HTC on here before when I mentioned the benefits of joining the club (my favorites of which being the bi-monthly large newsletter and the fun and competitive "Grand Prix").  I love reading the newsletter with its articles from many seasoned runners.  I learn so much from them.  The Grand Prix is a fun local competition open only to HTC members.  All HTC members get scored on HTC events and try to win the top prize.  I actually don't know if there is a prize for the winner or not besides "bragging rights."  In 2004, I was entering a lot of HTC events and actually won my Grand Prix division.  It's fun to be able to say that, but I don't compete in enough events to even get close to winning anymore, nor am I earning enough points in the events I do compete in.  Like I said, check out the link above for more info on that.  The link also contains race results from all of our local races.  We refer to that link a lot in our house!

So the family membership to the HTC is only $15, and that is a great bargain.  Rick and I have decided to really take advantage of our membership benefits in the past couple of years.  We are very thrifty people, as OINKS like us usually are (one income, numerous kids).  HTC advertises its meetings as having guest speakers and free food for its members.  I love the idea of a free night of entertainment and food with friends!  We went to another meeting like this back in March of 2011 when Doris Heritage Brown (a two time Olympian) came to speak (see post here).  Tonight's speakers were locals--Jim Oaks and James Terwilliger (known as "Twig"), and the topics were the Track and Field Trials held in Eugene, Oregon and the Marathon Trials held in Houston, Texas.

I was worried how the kids would do hearing a 30-minute presentation, but they did alright (we separated them so they wouldn't bug each other).  The presentation was done with Powerpoint slides, which made it very interesting to me.  Twig's presentation on the Track and Field Trials was the longer of the two.  It was very obvious that he enjoyed being at the trials and was so eager to share what he had seen there.  While in Oregon, he was able to go up and visit running legend Steve Prefontaine's hometown.  He spoke about meeting Pre's mother and seeing the track where Pre trained, his grave sight, and the scene of his accident with such passion.  It was very easy to get caught up in his excitement and to feel a little like we'd been there too. The pictures from the trials were very interesting too, and it was fun picturing Jim and Twig getting to see so many running celebrities.  The meeting was held at the Monte Sano Lodge, so our kids were rewarded for being good by a trip to the playground afterwards.  It was a good night of free family fun, and something I'd recommend you try out too if you are able.

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