Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training for my 27th Marathon: Baltimore October 13, 2012

Most of my running group is training for the Seven Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN on October 21. This is the first time four of them will have ever run a marathon.  It is an exciting time in our running group.  I am reliving some of the first-time nervousness and anticipation along with these girls.  They're up to a 14-mile long run and going great in these warm and humid Alabama summer days.

It's not in my cards to go out and repeat a state with my friends though, sadly.  I need to focus on marathons I can run with Rick to meet our 50 state goal.  I knew this all along, but I also knew that I could train with my friends, encourage them, and to be there to hear all of their stories or answer any questions.

And it turns out that I will have my own October marathon after all.  Rick and I feel good about doing one more marathon (yes, I know I said this last time).  He approached me about a month ago with one, and we agreed to go for it.  We are running the Baltimore Marathon on October 13.  Some of our friends are going to that one and we can meet up with them.  I don't intend to try to PR, but I will train and see what happens.  It's been hard to motivate myself for the full 18 weeks of training,  In fact, until this weekend I didn't even look up a training program.  I was living in denial for about a month there!  Plus, I wasn't feeling healed enough to think about another round of training.  Then, for a little while, I thought about just following my friends' training program.  But that isn't what is best for me.  I am feeling ready to tackle more lately.  I am mostly recovered from June.  I have done a couple of speedwork and tempo runs, getting better and feeling better each time.  I raced a 5K yesterday and got 3 seconds off what I ran the same course in last year.  It is time to put my heart and soul into the next 11 weeks (yes, I had to just cross off the first 7 weeks of this training program.  Just missed them completely.).  Below is Hal Higdon's Advanced program that I will attempt to follow for my marathon training.  Stay tuned.  The next 11 weeks should be interesting!
I'm starting at Week 8.


  1. I have never followed a Higdon schedule, but will be interested to see how you do with it! I am curious, is this a harder or easier schedule that what you typically do?

  2. Hi Raina, I followed Hal's Advanced program last year while I trained for the Chicago marathon. It was the first time I really trained with the hills, speedwork, tempo, and marathon-paced workouts that he recommends. I have always been good at doing the long runs, but I never liked those other workouts. I was able to PR and to get the time I trained for (3:15). So I was highly pleased with the results, but I will say that it was the hardest program I have ever used. I prefer to use a more laid-back training approach. I love the weekly 6-10 mile run at a 9-10 minute pace. I've had to give up some of those in favor of the other runs he recommends. I had the hardest time with tempo and marathon-paced runs. I am not good at trying to run fast during training (unless it's during a race). Hope this helps you. Are you thinking of using one of his programs?

    1. Thanks Katie! I have used some "hard" plans, but only have 3 marathons to draw was my own plan- which resulted in injury, the third was also an injury, but milder. I am just considering what approach might work best for me when I am ready to get back in the game. :) You seem successful!
      I like easy running to dominate, but think I have pushed in too many speed days for a marathon training week (1-2 sometimes on my long runs, hills not on purpose)- at least if I am increasing mileage at the same time. I probably have to get over the idea that more is always better with marathon training. I might consider Higdon but have only looked at it at the beginner level a few years ago. It might deserve a re-inspection!