Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fleet Feet Racing Team 2012

I run with a group known as the Huntsville Fleet Feet Racing Team.  From this website, 

The Fleet Feet Racing Team was created to increase awareness about Fleet Feet Sports, assist in marketing of the store and to provide unity amongst some of the most skilled runners in the local area. The 2012 team is a collection of runners who focus on building the sport in our community via stewardship, being a role model, participation in training programs, voluntarism and achieving competitive race results. They were selected based on the competitive performance, ambassadorship and volunteerism they demonstrated during the 2011.

The Fleet Feet Racing Team in Huntsville was created in 2004 to increase awareness about Fleet Feet Sports, assist in marketing of the store and to provide unity amongst some of outstanding runners in the local area. Our runners have historically been true ambassadors to the sport and are committed to running. In fact, our Racing Team typically comprises more than half of the top 10 overall and is competitive across all age groups for every distance in most North Alabama races.

Starting in 2009, Fleet Feet Huntsville began a transformation that included more stringent guidelines for team members and additional promotion of and investment in the team. For example, in an effort to market the runners on the team, Fleet Feet began a weekly blog that included who was racing, the races in which members were competing, race reports, and other activities of team members. 

In 2010 we began a formal partnership with Nike as the official team sponsor which can only have to benefit our team, Fleet Feet Huntsville and Nike.

For the 2012 season, Fleet Feet moved beyond a simple blog and developed a professional website for the team.  Also, additional team affiliates were added to the team which included Honey Stinger, Swiftwick Socks and FuelBelt.  

Fleet Feet Racing Team 2012 (Katie and Rick far right first and second rows)

As someone who didn't participate in many team sports growing up, I love that I now belong to this team.  We encourage each other and offer some great competition too!  It amazes me how some of these team members know my times better than I do.  We make an effort to know what races everyone is doing, but we also know teammates on a more personal level too.  The website I linked above has biographies on each person and a weekly entry about the races teammates have done or served by volunteering.

Women's Team
Lynn Curry
Candace Jacobs
Jill Koch
Katie Maehlmann
Caitlin Morris
Dana Overton
Lisa Rawlings
Christy Scott
Kathy Youngren

Men's Team
Donald Bowman
Victor Brown
Eric Charette
Marty Clarke
Jim Clemons
Erik DeBolt
James Falcon
Eric Fritz
George Heeschen
Andrew Hodges
Rick Maehlmann
Randy McFarland
David O'Keefe
Eric Patterson
Tim Pitt
David Rawlings
Greg Reynolds
DeWayne Satterfield
Brad Schroeder
Dink Taylor
Blake Thompson
Tim Vinson
Robert Whitaker
Brett Wilks
Brandon York
Robert Youngren

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