Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Mommy is Pretty

Excerpt from my family blog:

"I feel like I am in a season of life where each moment is sacred.  The kids are at such precious ages right now--full of energy and innocence and blind obedience to us.  Trusting us to make the right decisions for them, when we are doing all of this for the first time.  I have taken more pictures then ever before, trying to capture it all, but it feels like I am trying to hold onto water as it slips out of my hands.  I feel the urge to freeze time right in this moment.  And then another moment comes and I like that one too.  I never expected parenting to be so full of constant change."

I am so honored to be a mother.  And even more so to be a mom who my son thinks is "prite" (pretty).  It is hard to put into words the feeling you get when your child pays you a compliment that you don't feel you really even deserve.  He doesn't know how long I felt so ugly--all the years I hated the way I looked.  He doesn't even know what anorexia is (though I could never forget if I tried).  How I wish I could protect him and his sister from ever having to learn about it.  How I wish he knew how a little piece of me healed when I read his precious words.  Standing in his kindergarten classroom with my hand clutching his flower bulletin board message to me, I did feel pretty.  But more importantly, I felt loved.  And that is when parenting is completely worth it.  


  1. This is the sweetest post EVER! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful mommy moment! I can't wait for such moments one day.

  2. Oh, Katie. :( I think that you are strong and lovely and I am so happy that you beat that awful disease. Your story brought back so many memories. My best friend suffered from anorexia and bulimia too. She is a lot like you--a high achiever who pushes herself to be the best.

    I did not understand what she went through until after I had Cooper. I dropped a lot of weight and started working out every day. It is so easy to get addicted to the compliments--to base your day on what the scale says. I did not understand Olivia until then. I used to beg her to eat, just one meal. But she couldn't.

    I read your story from the link above and it was so honest and real. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.

    PS- I did not realized that we were exactly the same age, I went to college in 95 too. :D

  3. Jane, you will have them soon. Can't wait to read your stories, since you are such a good writer.
    Katie, thank you for taking the time to read my story and comment. I am definitely stronger because of my past, and I hope I can show that to others. I am so glad I am where I am now and not there anymore. Like you said, it is easy to get "addicted" to the compliments and the "progress" of losing more and more weight. I hope your friend is doing better today too. Two Katies from class of 95! That is pretty neat.