Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video of McKay Hollow Madness Finish

I don't have much new to report this week.  I don't even really feel like a runner anymore!  These were my runs over the last 6 Saturdays (from February 18-March 24): 17 miles, 20 miles, 17 miles, 14 miles, marathon, and 25K.  On Saturday, March 31, I ran NOTHING!  That's right, not a single mile.  It didn't feel good.  It felt weird.

So since there is not much to report on the running front, here is the video of me finishing the 25K. The pauses are where Rick took a still picture with the video camera.  I'm thankful he was able to get both still pictures and video!  It's so fun for us when we can cheer the other one on from the finish line, and I was glad he was there.

Happy Easter!

UPDATE: I am having trouble viewing this video now, but it was working the day I uploaded it. :(  I know nothing about technology!!  I'm so sorry if you can't view it, but I don't know what to do!!

Note:  The person screaming so loudly that it almost sounds like she is crying is my daughter.  That really touches me, that she was so proud of me that she cannot contain it.  You can see Casey Fritz on camera turning to look quizzically at my daughter because Casey thinks she is crying!  She yells, "Katie (no, she doesn't usually call me that!)!!!!  Momma, GO!!!! GO!!!!" and then, "Mommy, you won!!!!  Momma, you won again!!!"  I am so happy to have this video to remember that moment.  May I always be her hero and someone she can look up to with pride.


  1. OMG how precious! She is so adorable and so proud of you!

  2. Grr, couldn't get the video up - I'll try again later.

  3. Hi Kathy, Grrrrrr! I like that!!! That is how I feel. I don't know how to fix the video. It was working fine, and now it says "currently unavailable." It wasn't the best video, but it does make you feel like you're there! Hopefully it will work again soon??