Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Fun at the Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2 Pi K, Autumn Chase, and Monte Sano 5 and 10 K

Running is a sport for our entire family.  We don't push our kids to participate in runs, but the older 2 (9 and 8 years old) are beginning to really enjoy it and ask to run races!  The baby is doing great just tagging along too.  Here are some of the things we've all been up to lately.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

My family participated in the UCP Krispy Kreme Challenge on Saturday, November 21.  This was our first year to go as a team.  Our challenge was to run 2 miles to Krispy Kreme, together finish a dozen donuts, and run back 2 miles to the finish.  

Since my daughter is only 8, she hadn't run 4 miles in a race yet.  This was her first time.  She told me she wanted to try it, so I went ahead and signed her up.  She was so cute and was coming up with a time goal before the race (by multiplying her 1 mile time by 4, which I told her is not how it works!).  We were not concerned about our times today, but she seems very goal-driven.  She doesn't like to eat and run, so for fun we called the baby her "sub" for the eating part of the challenge.  

My son who's 9 has run this race the last 2 years with me.  After carefully reading about the prohibited items and not seeing anything about a jogging stroller, my husband and I agreed that the baby could come and be pushed by Rick during the race.

The kids sprinted ahead of us at the start.  We were in the back with the stroller.

My son and I finished the first 2 mile run and waited for Rick and the girls to come to the KK parking lot.  We had our box of doughnuts waiting.  

We ate all the doughnuts!  What an fun way to bond as a family!
Our doughnut totals:
Rick: 5, Our son: 4, me: almost 3, the baby: 4 bites of mine  

Then we ran back to the finish line.  All of us ran the entire race!  The baby doesn't look fazed at all about the run.  She loves the stroller!  We received green finisher's shirts and were happy to accept another couple of boxes of doughnuts to take home as the race ended (if you do this race, they give away lots of boxes of doughnuts after the Doughnut Eating Contest, so stay and claim some if you haven't had your fill yet!).

2 Pi K Race

Here is a picture from back on October 7 at the 2 Pi K Race.  This is a small race on the Redstone Arsenal one day after work.  My son and I ran this race together while the rest of our family watched.  He did great and ran the entire thing (2 Pi K is 6.3 K which is just about 4 miles).  I finished first place female and then put the baby (who was missing her Mommy) on my back.  She and I came up to receive my award.  

Autumn Chase

This is a family picture from the Autumn Chase races.  We always have fun at these races.  My kids run, and Rick and I volunteer.  They chose to use this picture as the cover of the HTC newsletter for this quarter.  It was such a special surprise for all of us!

Monte Sano 5 and 10 K

We all volunteered at the Monte Sano 5 and 10 K back on September 5.  
I love the picture of all of us!

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