Monday, December 7, 2015

Pacer Recaps: I've Learned LOTS

Rocket City Marathon Pacer Years and Paces

2010 4:15 pacer

2011 3:55 pacer

2012 3:45 pacer

2014 4:10 pacer

2015 4:00 pacer--this Saturday!

This Saturday, I'll be attempting the task of pacer for my 5th time.  Pacing is all about when you finish.  It is best to be right under pace (15-30 seconds under) and never over even by 1 second!  In 2010 I finished too slow, and in 2011 I was too fast.  Pacing was new and challenging to me.  Plus I was running alone (now we have 2 pacers per group which helps me a lot).  I wasn't using my key tool that I recommend to anyone wanting to run a certain pace: a pace bracelet.  The bracelet (I tape mine to my pacer sign) will tell you the pace you should have for each mile.  This is crucial!  If only I had known this.  I mistakenly thought that the Garmin (with overall and lap pace) would be all I needed. Wrong.  You will probably run OVER the marathon distance, so over relying on the Garmin will only mess you up.

With Rick's help in 2012, we ran an awesome race and finished perfectly.  In 2014, I also repeated a well-paced run (I never did the race recap for that marathon, oh well).

I liked rereading these because I can see how far I've come.  This task should feel easy to me on Saturday.  I'm trained, I know how to pace, and I've got a fellow teammate to help me with the group.
More later!

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