Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston 2011??

I am trying to decide if Boston 2011 is in the cards for me this year. I have qualified 7 times for Boston, but 6 of those times were before having children. I qualified this February in New Orleans. Running the Boston Marathon is a life goal of mine, one that I made before even running my first marathon. If was going to run marathons, I wanted to do it big, and that was the most coveted one I had heard of. Rick has not qualified, and he may not qualify until moving into a higher age bracket. He will be allowed an extra 5 minutes at age 35 that he does not have now (qualifying times: for men 30-34 3:10, for men 35-39 3:15, for women 30-34 3:40, for women 35-39 3:45). Even if he qualifies, it would be easier for me to run it on a different year from him (at least while the children are young) so that he could watch the kids for me and vice versa. We have even toyed with the idea of having him run another marathon in a nearby state before or after the Boston Marathon. I lay awake thinking about how to work things like this out in ways that make the most sense for everyone.

I don't think I would have trouble making the qualifying time again, but you never know. Carpe diem and all that. So for now, I contemplate.

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