Saturday, April 17, 2010

Second DNF!

Okay, enough with the DNFs already! This one really wasn't my fault!

Today was the Cookie Dash 5K and 1-mile Fun Run held at Southwood Presbyterian Church here in Huntsville. Since Rick and our son headed to MSU for their Bulldog Weekend, it was girls only here at the house. So I figured I could volunteer at the race (something "easy" that I could do while also watching my 2 year old daughter). They put me as a course sentry (directing runners to turn at an intersection along the course). There is also a 1-mile in conjunction with the race, so I signed my daughter and me up for that race. A 1-mile is doable at age 2, if you take it really slow; after all, there are a lot of interesting things to stop and see along the course and a lot of rocks to pick up! When my son was 2, running and walking in a couple of 1-mile events was really fun for him. It helped direct some of that endless toddler energy, and both children are actually very happy to run "just like Mommy and Daddy do." Plus these fun runs are usually free, and you can't beat that! My daughter was super excited when I told her about the yummy homemade cookies at the end of the race (made by members of the church congregation, and delicious!).

So I got her up bright and early today and headed to the race. After getting my map, I walked with my daughter up to our "spot" and began the wait until the race started. Well, of course, she had to potty before too long, so we headed BACK to the start line and then raced BACK to our spot again. Our job was pretty easy, and we were done in about 3o minutes, so we headed back again to the start line. The 1-mile started at 9, and she was excited to finally get going. She started running FAST (for a 2 year old!!), and was smiling and really happy. But after a quick sprint, she got really tired. I tried to get her to walk, but she wouldn't have it (and actually I was secretly pretty glad since we were already in last place by this point and hadn't even made a single turn yet. The policeman at the end was probably glad too!). So we headed back to the finish line (and by this point the first kids were coming in and she wanted to "race" them so I let her do that on the sidewalk next to the course). I figured she earned a cookie for her attempt.

So, thanks to my not-so-serious running partner, I have earned another DNF, just one week from my last one! 2 DNFs in a row? May have to enter the Bridgestreet 5K next weekend just to break this streak! Well, we did find a pretty nice acorn that made it all the way home with us, so maybe we weren't losers after all!

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  1. I love this story! So cute! And it is great that you are getting her out there to have the experience, whether she finishes every time or not. I love it! I'm going to save all your ideas for when I have little ones. :)