Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Run

17 miles

My run this morning was a first---earliest run ever for me! I set my alarm for 3:49 a.m., then I kept waking up afraid I would miss it going off (I know, that makes no sense!). So I was ready and jumped out of bed even before 3:49, and I headed out to meet Jane at 4:10. I tried out my new Nathan handheld water bottle from Fleet Feet (oh, Jane and I got a big laugh when I at first strapped it onto my hand backwards! I'm such a goof!). We ran together for about 8.5 miles, then she left to go to No Boundaries, and I ran back to Asbury and met up with Madelyn, Kristen, and Angie for about 5 miles or so, and then I finished the run alone. I "ran" into my supervisor at work, an old friend from college, a fellow soccer mom, and a former teacher friend all in one run! So there really are other people up before the sun rises! As far as the training part of the run, I felt very good and strong for the entire run. My right foot hurt a little (plantar fasciitis). I drank a Gatorade and had Sportsbeans, and that seemed enough for the distance today. I also tried picking up the pace again at the end (I think it's good for my training and it helps Rick when I get back earlier). My last mile was slower because I ran into my former teaching friend (she passed by my in her car), and we got to talking. So, with the Garmin, I kind of feel bad if I stop it for that sort of thing; I mean, the clock won't stop on race day for me to get water, tie my shoe, etc. So I debated a bit about whether to stop it on that last mile because I really wanted to see how fast I had run it, but it didn't feel right stopping it so I let it run. My best piece of advise for those running in the early morning--stick to the larger, well lit roads. We did quite a bit on Hughes Road this morning and another well lit subdivision and felt very safe. So, another long run done (17 miles), and a race next weekend (Monte Sano 10K and 5K).


  1. Found your blog from the Fleet Feet Racing team site. Maybe we've met but I'm HORRIBLE with names. Love your blog--very inspiring. I can't wait until I'm writing my own posts about running 17 miles! Good luck on the races next weekend.

  2. Dana,

    Glad you found my blog. Keep up the running and you will get there, I promise! We will have to meet in person at a local race...I don't think I've met you yet. I love the running community in Huntsville--everyone is so friendly!

  3. I had such a great run with you! And the water bottle thing was hilarious! I would definitely be up for another 4:10 run when you need one. :)