Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Fleet Feet Racing Team

Well, the new Fleet Feet Racing Team for 2011 was announced today.  There is a new division of the team, the elite division, and I was one of six women chosen for this level.  What an amazing honor!  Being on the team serves as my motivation to race my hardest and to help out at as many races as I can (even though sometimes that means just watching the kids so Rick can run).  I take being chosen very seriously and do not plan to let them down in 2011!

Click here to see the other 2011 Fleet Feet team members.

The last two weeks have not been stellar for me training-wise.  Only two opportunities to run stroller-less, as Rick's been out of town on travel.  So I've been pushing the double stroller, running during preschool, and using the elliptical machine alot.  I'm ready for some early morning runs with my friends again (finally!) next week.  I did race the UAH 10K last Sunday and finished second in a time of 42:44.  A good time that I'm proud of.  The kids were wild right after the race.  I am planning to do a blog entry on the 10K and on just fitting running into motherhood (especially while your husband is on travel!), but right now I am too busy taking care of the kids! 

Thanks for reading and for checking in on me!

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