Thursday, June 30, 2011

Firecracker 5K Prep Work

In an effort to hit the sub-20 minute mark in the Firecracker 5K, I continued my weekly speedwork.  I did what my friend Julia called a "sharpening" workout yesterday.  It was 12x200 (is this how you write it?), and mine were between 40-44 seconds each, with my last one being the fastest at 40 seconds.  It seemed easier that last week's workout (I guess it should since we did only half the distance), and it does make me wonder if I actually enjoy speedwork.  Don't get me wrong, I still look like a klutz out there as I try to figure out which of my watches to hit and when to press the button (yes, I had no idea that a track could be so confusing!).   

I calculated the pace, and I will need a 6:26 in Monday's race.  I used this website.

And I looked up the previous results.  Last year, fellow teammate Kathy Youngren was the first female in 20:10.  In all honesty, I would be happy finishing behind her with a time somewhat under 20:30, since that would still be an improvement over my recent 5K time.  It helps me to have some competition out there, so I do hope she (or someone else) is running about that pace on Monday so I will have motivation to go-go-go.  Trying to keep her in my sight will help me pace myself properly.

Busy weekend ahead for us.  Five years ago today I was laboring at home.  My son was born the next day.  Five year olds LOVE birthday parties (balloons and cake are the BOMB!), so we are having fun partying over here.  Happy 4th to you all!

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  1. Impressive speedwork! I'm hoping to run this race Monday....but certainly not sub 20!! You CAN do it!!