Monday, June 27, 2011

June Happenings

June has been a whirlwind of Vacation Bible Schools for two weeks, swimming at the pool, and planning birthday parties, so blogging was the first to go.  I have been running--even did a couple ten milers a week, got a streak of six days of running in a row, pushed the double jogger a few times for five miles in the heat, and attempted my first speedwork.  Here's the month in review:

  • We volunteered at the A&M 10K on Saturday, June 11,and by we I mean the whole family!  Mike Greene, the race director, was great at finding the perfect spot to put me and my two helpers.  While Rick helped with the set up, took pictures, and called splits at a mile marker, the children and I helped hose runners off as they ran!  My son and daughter showed up in their swimsuits for their job.  My son loved holding the hose and getting to squirt people.  My daughter loved collecting the used cups from the nearby water station and depositing them in the trash can.  And I guess I supervised their tasks!  Seriously, if this doesn't prove that there is a volunteer job for everyone and that no help is ever turned down, then what does?
A&M 10K Start
  • I'm sure no one out there really cares what black toenails look like after the dead toenails comes off, but here mine are:

Toenails regrowing
  • My splits for my first-ever speedwork were as follows for a 400m: 1:28, 1:29, 1:30, ?, 1:32, 1:31, 1:33, 1:34.  (The "?" was somewhere in the range also, just forgot to push "lap" on my watch.)  My awesome friend, Julia, helped me figure out how to do speedwork.  I liked the slow warm up and cool down on the roads (a mile or two each), and I liked trying to keep each lap on pace (there was a 400m recovery between each lap too).  After each fast lap, I would tempt myself with, "Why don't you just stop now?" and I would have to talk myself into just one more.  I am serious about trying to improve my 5K time if I am willing to try speedwork!
  • Finally, I am a little bummed out about running as it has affected my household lately.  Rick is bumping up his miles in preparation for a serious training program for our October marathon.  As in, he is wanting to get 50 miles a week now so that he can get all the way up to 70 miles a week as the program goes along.  Already we delicately juggle our runs:  Who's running today?  Whose race is this one?  It leads me to feel like we are somewhat like ships passing in the night.  One of us is always tired from their morning run; one of us is always setting their alarm clock to get up early to run.  And we are never on the same page.  I miss the days when we could run together without a moment's notice, when we could cheer each other on while we passed each other in a race (and frankly when we could run double the races), and when running wasn't such a juggling act.  I'm just being real here.  Having young children and having a spouse that runs isn't easy.  Yet running is something that neither one of us wants to give up.  So we try to fit these puzzle pieces together...and we ramp up yet again for another round of marathons.  


  1. Those toes are looking good! :) And that is pretty awesome about the speedwork! The few times I have gotten myself to do it, I have those same conversations with myself. It is better with buddies, though, and Julia is a good one to have!

  2. SO glad to know those mental conversations happen to pros like you and Jane!! I guess misery loves company?? In a sick way it's very comforting to know it's "normal". ...I was going to say the toenails look gross...but then read Jane's comment--yes, they are looking much better than they did. :D