Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baltimore Race Pictures

So I'm not really thrilled with any of these pictures, though I wish I was.  It would be fun to buy a picture from my PR marathon, but I have a weird expression or just look awkward in most of these.

This was taken as we were walking to the start line.  You can see how cold we are by our red noses and how my arms are sort of frozen in place in front of me like that.  We probably should have worn clothes to throw off after the start.  It was in the 40's.

This one is my favorites.

WHY am I smirking like that????  And I look sloutchy or something.

That is better.  

The skin on my cheek is all saggy here!!  I think this is around Mile 20 since I am holding what looks like a Gu.

I managed a smile!  Feeling TIRED here.

And now the finish line photos.  WHY did I think to raise my arms like this???  I look like I am in a stick up!  Look at that chicken skin hanging down....hmm, note to self: do NOT raise your arms again in a finish photo AND let's work on toning those arms!

And that's about it!!  Not my best race photos.  

I am beginning to think about my fall line up: Spooktacular 5K this weekend, Huntsville Half November 10, and Rocket City Marathon (pacer) December 8.  I have to come up with a training program that combines all of those.  This week I've been taking it VERY easy.  I'll be ready to train harder next week!  


  1. Man I have had some HORRIBLE race pictures, but all of yours still look pretty good to me!

    That line up looks tough- but I bet you will come out shining. :)

  2. Gotta love race photos! :-) I like the one of you two in your matching racing gear! And the one of you smiling is pretty sweet too!