Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baltimore Marathon Preparation

Here is the link to the Baltimore Running Festival website which includes the marathon and the various other events for this coming weekend.  The marathon is 5 days away, and I am at work packing and tapering.  Just trying to be prepared.  Here are some of the things off of the website that I found to be useful.

The Elevation Chart 
Quite a bit of climbing for the first 3 miles and Miles 15-21 or so.  But let's focus on the positive---look at those downhills!!

Pace Group Info 
(not planning to run with one, but it's nice to know their strategy)

3:10 Pace Group:
Close to even splits will be the order of the day. We will run no more than 20-30 seconds faster in total over the first 3 miles heading to Druid Hill.
From there it will be some minor give and take within miles with the goal to hit the mile markers from 8 to 26.2 right on the number.   We will run the
hills on the second half at even splits (7:15) and enjoy our downhill finish holding pace as group members sail ahead to the finish!

Top Women in 2011
(click on picture to enlarge)


  1. I would say that you are extremely prepared and organized- I LOVE it!! I like to read up on pace group info too. I loved using them in Houston and Little Rock this year. NYC does not have any pace group faster than 3:15 so I'm going to be on my own this time! You are right about that being a bit of a climb for mile 3. I think it's good you are getting the worst over with early on and then you'll have several downhill miles.

    You are very prepared and ready for this. You can do it!!

  2. Tia, Thank you! I can always count on encouragement from you! Wow, why is that about NYC? It seems like sub 3:15 is a popular goal--why no pace groups? You won't need one anyway---I have read and reread some of your race reports and am amazed at your ability to stay consistent at the end. I think I may try breaking up the last mile or two into laps around the track like you did. I've got to get my mind ready to do this!