Friday, January 4, 2013

Only A Marathoner's Child

"This weekend I played basketball.  This weekend I went to a marathon.  This weekend I went to Cheeburger Cheeburger."

We are busy here in Madison getting ready for the big Mountain Mist 50K that is only 3 weeks away now!  Rick and I have done some good long runs together with the help of family and sitters.  It seems like my running is "feast or famine" right now.  Over Thanksgiving, I ran so much since we were both off and could both run each day.  I didn't run as much in between Thanksgiving and Christmas though.  Then I ran a lot over the Christmas Break, running on my own, reconnecting with Jane, and also running trails with Rick.  I even braved a short run of loops around my neighborhood (and past my house) while the children stayed home alone!  This was a milestone event---the beginning of a new chapter.  I've also done a 17 mile and a 22 mile run in preparation for Mountain Mist.  But this week I focused on beginning my marathon-pace runs and speedwork for our upcoming marathon (Little Rock in March).  I finally got on a training plan and hope to stick to it until Little Rock.  I am finding it really hard to train for both events at the same time.  I did speedwork today and know I will be sore for my 2nd trail run training day tomorrow.  But I'm excited about the new year and its possibilities.  I've loved reading about your resolutions and year-end reviews on your blogs!  Some of you are so focused and determined that I am really inspired.

Above is one of my son's journal entries.  He is in first grade and is just now learning to write 3 sentences about a given topic.  Each Monday the teacher has the students journal about their weekend.  I found this entry about the weekend Rick and I ran the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville.  I simply love how he writes about the marathon like it's no big deal at all----right in between basketball and a meal out.  And I love his little picture he drew (in the middle below the writing).  He drew himself cheering for the runners as they finish.  I like the detail on the finish line chute (he studied the finish line supports and drew them in--that diamond-like pattern under the sign).  Though I wish I could say that is Rick and me finishing the marathon, he did not draw us in (remember, this is the first marathon he's gotten to watch us finish).  But this is his work, and this is what he chose to remember about that day.

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  1. I love the journal entry and picture!! I also love our runs together! I need Mountain Mist to get out of the way though, so you can do your easy runs with me. ;)