Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quick Mountain Mist Update

Today's Mountain Mist was muddy and fun!  I wasn't expecting to get my course PR, but it happened!  And I finished first overall female too.  Sometimes the two go hand-in-hand for me--when I am in first, I really want to finish with a good time because that time represents the entire women's side of things.  I think that motivated me to finish strong.  

My time was around 5:11:02.  That is a 15 minute improvement from last year.  Rick also PRed.  Great day for us! More details to follow!

Photo by Christy Scott


  1. Superwoman! Congrats on the win!

  2. Wow great job! Congratulations! -Shannon

  3. CONGRATS!!! What a big PR! And first female to boot- nicely done. :-)

    Yes, that looks like a lot of mud!