Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fleet Feet Racing Team Kick Off and Our Harlem Shake!

Well, the marathon is only 4 days away now!  It looks like the weather will be great (30s at the start)! I got a very informative packet in the mail and am using Tia's blog to learn even more about the race. I am getting excited about Little Rock!

My last long run was supposed to be 8 miles, but our racing team had its annual "fun run" and informational meeting last Sunday, so Rick and I decided to just make that our long run.  I knew it would be a fast run (it's hard to have that many fast guys do a "fun run" and go easy).  So I ended up with something like 6.5 miles at around a 7:20 pace (I am just going on what I remember Rick telling me that night).  Our group then had a nice catered dinner from Nothing But Noodles as we went over the policies and procedures for being on the team.

And then, we did the Harlem Shake!  Rick was so excited about this!  And the rest of the group really got into it too!  Here is the link.  Rick and I (luckily) are in the back.  Rick is wearing a green dragon cape, and I am wearing an orange hat and hitting him with a big pink bat.  This video just reminds me of what a funny group of runners we have on this team!  These guys and girls are all seriously fast and amazingly experienced runners with the craziest senses of humor!


  1. You've got a great racing team there! Is Rick going to race with you? What are you wearing? I have never raced in anything below 38/39 degrees. Trying to figure it out. It is usually not this cold there for LRM.

    Looking forward to meeting you- corral A? See you Sunday!!

  2. Hi Tia, Rick and I may start together but I doubt we'll run the whole thing together. I love cold starts!! I will wear a singlet, shorts, compression socks, and arm sleeves. I will look for you in corral A! Good luck and hope to see you soon!

    1. Thanks! That helps. I am just debating on shorts or compression capris. I know I am way over thinking this thing! :-)