Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Rock Training--Less Than 2 Weeks to go!

In my last post, I mentioned my concern for the closeness between Mountain Mist and Little Rock.  To be honest, I don't think it's that the races are too close together, it's that I let that fact affect my training and confidence.  I held back in a lot of training runs, when I got sick I rested A LOT (I did not take off from running, but I switched to the elliptical machine), and I excused a lot of slower running ("Well, you did just run an ultra!").  But in the last few weeks, I've done the best I could to follow Hal's Advanced 1 Marathon program for Weeks 15-17.

Week 15 (Week of February 3) 
Week 15 called for Hal's toughest week of training.  I tried to hang on as best I could all week long. 

I hit the miles for his 5 miler (8:08 average), 10 miler (8:01 average), and 5 miler (8:22 average) all called for in the beginning of the week.
On Wednesday (Thursday on his plan), I did the 8x800 workout, my only track workout since a 5x800 back at the beginning of January.  I estimated an 800 m distance in my neighborhood and ran repeats there: 3:23, 3:21, 3:25, 3:16, 3:12, 3:12, 3:11, and 3:11. 
February 8-Friday called for 10 pace miles.  I met a fellow Fleet Feet teammate, Kylie Lemon, on the dark, rainy, cold Friday morning, and we got them in in 7:22 average (aiming for 7:15, and the slowness was my fault, not hers).
February 9-I really did not feel like running 20 miles, but I ended up doing them in an 8:59 pace.  I started with Jane (first 11 miles), and without her help of ibuprofen, a bathroom stop for me, a refill of water at the end of our run, and a quick glance at her precious baby, I would not have finished this run!  Her company was great and helped pass the time.

Overall, I managed to get the miles in this week and a few Jillian Michael's DVDs too, but I felt tired and stiff for most of these runs.  I really struggled---Was this too much of a ramping up for me all at once?  Am I really still recovering for MM?  What pace should I realistically aim for in the marathon?

Week 16 (Week of February 10)
Thankfully, Week 16 went back down in the mileage, but I could still focus on the hill workout and pace run.  Rick went out of town, though, so I ended up doing the elliptical more this week and counted it as miles.
February 18-I met Jane for the hill workout.  The plan called for 6xhills, but Jane and I just decided to run up to the top of Rainbow Mountain instead, a run we call "The Dragon."  9:41 average for 10 miles.
February 15-Warm up of 8:17, then 7:09, 7:11, 7:09, 7:01
February 17-I went with Kylie to a really scenic spot. 7:15 miles for the first 10 and 7:35 cool down for 2 miles.  Kylie is great company to run with, and she pushes me to run faster.

Week 17 (Week of February 17)
Taper Week!  
Tempo--30 min
February 20-Warm up 7:57 and 3 miles: 6:40, 6:39, 6:39 (these are from memory since I don't have the Garmin right now).  
I'm about to head out for a run right now.  I love the short runs in the taper!

More later about my thoughts on Little Rock, pacing ideas, etc.  

Below is a picture from Christmas Break.  I bundled the kids for what I think may be one of our last double stroller runs together.  I don't like marathon training cycles that begin with weather like this, but we made it work!


  1. I'm so glad I got included in some of these runs! They may have been the easier days for you, but they were tough for me and having you for company made them soooooo much better! Is that picture from that really cold day when you ran to my house and ran with me? Looks like the same blankets and fun hats. :)

  2. You have definitely put in the training! I'm excited you are running Little Rock too!! 10 days?!! I agree, I'm loving these little taper runs!

    and you have some very cute stroller running pals!