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NCAC Superheros 1-Mile Flash Run, 1-Mile Fun Run, and 10K Bike Ride

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If you are local and looking for a fun family event, you should check out the NCAC Superheros Bike-A-Fun-Run and Family Block Party next year!  This event kicks off Child Abuse Prevention Month at Huntsville's Child Advocacy Center.
This year, the event was held on Saturday, April 13, 2013.  My family came race day to register at 7:30 a.m.  We all registered for a family max cap of $55 for the 1-mile and bike ride events.  I registered for the Flash 1-Mile, my daughter and I registered for the Fun Run, and Rick and our son registered for the 10K Bike Ride.  We each got a registration packet with a water bottle and some coupons but no shirts since we were late registrants. 
1-Mile Flash Run
I really don't know why I registered for this event.  I hadn't trained for it or even done any speed work in weeks.  Well, okay, the real reason I registered for it was that I could.  It worked out since my family had already planned to be here anyway.  And I was a little bummed that I hadn't raced at all last weekend, even missing the 5K before Rick's 10K in Decatur, one of the few events we can both race like that.  So I looked at today as an opportunity.
It turns out that many men from the FF Racing Team had been planning for this event.  We don't have many 1-mile events in town, so this one was anticipated.  They were trained and ready to go and really push each other out there.  After finishing a quick 1-mile warm-up of the course, I lined up right behind the guys.  None of the girls from our team were there!  On one hand, no competition.  On the other hand, no one to push me along! 
(**Just so you have an idea of how prepared these guys were, this is from Rob Youngren on FB the night before the race: "Just got back from walking and marking up the NCAC Flash Mile course. Kathy Faulkner Youngren, George Heeschen and I used a GPS and two calibration wheels (#overkill) to mark the first and last 220 yard mark as well as the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 mile marks with a short fluorescent orange stripe. We're good to go now and spread the word to get some more folks out there. See you in the morning!"**)

Race Start
Picture by Rick Maehlmann
Today was my first day to race in my new uniform and to see the men's uniforms.  They looked great!  I've worn the other uniform at every race for the last two years, so I was ready for something different.  Kathy picked out a nice purple color, and all of the girls love the new shorts (the last ones were pretty short with a big split!).  

All We Run Huntsville pictures by Gregg Gelmis
So, racing a 1-miler when you haven't trained for it or feel even halfway in shape for it is hard!!  I was dying out there, but 1-mile events are good because they are so short!  I just pushed as hard as I could for the whole time.  I really wanted under 6, but I was fine with just missing it with a 6:03.  

Picture by Rick Maehlmann
Picture by Eric Fritz
While we waited for the other events, Rick did a run and I took the kids to a bike obstacle course set up at the block party. 

Then it was time for the 1-Mile Fun Run.  This was the exact same course, but there was a bigger crowd with more little kids.  My daughter just took off when the race started.  I figured she would slow down, which she did after the first .25 mile.  I was able to run alongside her and slightly in front, cheering and encouraging her.  I was impressed that she wasn't stopping to walk.  Through checking my watch at the .25 splits, I knew she was doing really well and would exceed her previous 1-mile time of about 10 minutes.  She finished so strong---in around 8:30!  I later looked up the state age group awards, and she would have gotten a state age record for 5 year old girls if she'd run the Flash 1-Miler instead of the Fun Run (since this one was not scored).  But that's okay.  We were all so proud of her!  When I asked her how she did that so well, she said, "I prayed to God last night to help me not give up and to keep going, and He helped me." 
Then it was time for the 10K Bike Ride.  Rick and our son had a great time doing this together. 

I received a nice gift bag with food from from Earthfare, Fleet Feet gift cards, and 4 passes to EarlyWorks Children's Museum for my first overall win (if you look at the results you will that I didn't have much competition, so I felt a little silly accepting all of this nice stuff!). 
First Overall Female Prizes
The Block Party had a lot of fun games, bounce houses, etc. for the kids.  I liked this photo op where we all look like superheros!  What a great event for the whole family to enjoy!  I hope more people will hear about this event and come out to enjoy it next year.

My Super Family!

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