Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Newest Fleet Feet Racing Team Member

I put the quote above as a reminder of the journey and happy success of my good friend, Julia Clark.  Julia had been wanting to get chosen for the Huntsville Fleet Feet Racing Team for a few years now.  The team is highly selective.  Our team chooses its members by invitation only, so in order to make the team you have to get noticed.  Last year Julia did not make the team, but she admirably said that she still planned to serve in all of the same volunteer capacities required by the teammates.  Two things also occurred: Julia made it a point to work at and lower her 5K time (to a 19:52), and she won 6 spring/summer 5Ks, a very impressive feat.  But she struggled in a couple of fall/winter marathons, and she still didn't make the team this year. Then in February 2013, she ran her PR marathon of 3:30:29.  After this, I knew she had gained the range of running (from 5K to marathon) that would help her to get noticed.  Having both the sub-20 5K and the 3:30 marathon really helped her stand out amongst Huntsville women.

I figured Julia would have a good chance of getting on the team in 2014 with those times, but the team had already been chosen for this year.  Well, Julia got the greatest surprise when she was asked back in March to be a late addition to the team!  She and I were both thrilled and shocked that they had done that!  

She is humble and grateful beyond belief to be on the team.  She is so excited and very gracious about all of the team's benefits.  And I have no doubt that she will prove herself worthy of being on the team this year. Below is a picture of Julia and me at her first half marathon as a FF Racing Team member.  Julia, I am proud to have you on the team, and I applaud you for not giving up on your dream in spite of the obstacles you faced.  

I hope Julia can inspire other runners to believe in themselves and to be patient and persistent when following your dreams.

Julia and Katie at the Scottsboro Half (3rd OAF and 1st OAF)

Read Julia's FF Racing Team bio here

Learn more about our team (Huntsville Fleet Feet Racing) and follow our races here

Our team's new uniforms have come in, and, for the first time in two years, I will be wearing something new at my races!  Stay tuned for pictures soon!

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  1. Katie! You make me sound way more awesome than I am. :)

    If someone had told me three or four years ago that I'd qualify for Boston and make the Fleet Feet Racing Team, I wouldn't have believed it. But then I met you, and you put these ideas in my head and made me question my perceived limitations. Patience and persistence and hard work are necessary, but I can't stress enough the importance of having someone believe in me, especially when I don't always believe in myself.

    So thank you, Katie, for believing in me and inspiring me. I don't think it's a coincidence that we met and have a wonderful group of friends to run with. You and the girls are such a blessing! Thank you so much! :)