Thursday, June 12, 2014

Late in Third Trimester Running!

I am 38 weeks and 1 day.  Yes, definitely counting each day now!  We've had a really mild summer so far with many cloudy and rainy days and highs in the low 80s.  This makes it easier for me, but I do hope we get some hot, sunny days soon so the kids can enjoy the pool!

As I enter the homestretch, I am blown away by the amazing adaptability of a woman's body.  This 30-time marathoner's body has changed into the home of a little, delicate baby all in the span of less than 9 months!    

And am I still a runner?  Yes!  This is something else that has amazed me.  Since about 34 weeks, I have made a steady decrease in running while increasing my walking.  That's totally fine.  I had gotten to where I was walking probably 95% of my walk/runs, totaling 3-7 miles each time.  I would run little bits here and there.  But I noticed on Saturday that I could actually still run a 1/2 mile without stopping! And today I felt so good that I ran over 2 miles!  Granted, I walked nearly a mile first to warm up, then I ran a 1/2 mile, walked a 1/2, and continued that pattern for a total of over 5 miles in 1:18.  But still!  I do the elliptical too on the days I don't walk/run.  And I feel good enough to walk with my family for another mile at night too.  I am happy with any exercise at this point and feel good with what I've been able to keep up.

You may think these activities would help me start labor, but so far they have not.  This baby is hanging out for now.  She's very active and strong, giving me and Rick a big show at night as she changes positions and moves around.  We hope she'll make an appearance in a week or less, and we feel ready for the big day!

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  1. Love the baby progression pictures! And that silhouette one up top is awesome!! Congrats on sweet baby Ivy! :-)