Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Winds

Today the Winter Winds 2-Mile, 4-Mile, and Kids' Fun Run events were held at 2 p.m. at Grissom High School.  I normally like to do both the 2 and 4 mile runs since they are Grand Prix events. To try something different, I thought about seeing if my son could run the 2-mile with me since he's never tried to run that far before.  We discussed all of the different options (there are alot with these races!).  I did a pretty hard 12-miler yesterday (7:44 pace) and we have the marathon next Saturday, so Rick decided that he would volunteer instead of either of us running.  I came along with the children to cheer on the other runners and to catch up with some running friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  Several of my friends were running, and it was great to be able to focus on them without competing myself.  It turned out to be great seeing one of my friends PR and another run her first 4-mile race ever! 

We arrived at 12:30 a.m., and Rick went off to help set up while I sat in the car with the children so my daughter could finish her nap.  I roused her 35 minutes later.  The sun must've felt so good on her skin as she napped.  The high was in the low 60's today!  I had planned to have them run the free 1/2 mile kids' fun run at 2:35.  While we waited, we watched the start and finish of the 2-mile event.  My children were running all over and playing, but they stopped to cheer on the runners as they finished.  We were cheering and clapping like crazy to give those runners that extra push at the end.  I love how my son asked me during a lull about halfway through the race if that was all of the "winners."  I told him that there were lots of other winners for us to cheer for and motioned to some coming around the bend.  I love that he thought of all of them that way! 

When it was time for their event, we all walked to the track and the children took off for a 2-lap "race."  I had to quickly change into my shorts (I had worn jeans since I wasn't planning to run), so I missed the start but spotted Rick trying to run with both of our children.  I took over as my daughter's partner and ran with her until she finished.  She was having the greatest time and was so excited when someone in the crowd called her "Pinkie" since she was in all pink.  They were given Fleet Feet tattoos and candy when they finished.  I had to crack up when my son was going on and on about how fast he ran.  We told him not to brag and to try to congratulate others instead.  A minute later he said, "I beated a little girl!"  After stifling a little laugh, I reminded him again not to boast.  I guess that lesson takes some work!

Pictures courtesy of James Hurley

At the start
 Adults never smile like this at the start of the race!
I am watching her the whole time

And she is taking in all of her "fans!"

Daddy and our son

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  1. That is so CUTE! It looks like they are having a blast! What a sweet running family you have!