Sunday, May 22, 2011

Healing and Volunteering

My son is healing nicely and back to trying to run everywhere though his stitches don't come out for four more days.  I found his smashed in helmet in the garage (a neighbor had gotten his bike from the accident scene and returned it to us).  Please have your children wear their helmets!  That could've been my son's skull.  Now I work on making sure I get this scar to heal nicely.  I've had alot of suggestions--mederma, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and a wide-brimmed hat.  I'll try them all! 

I wrote last year about volunteering at the Cotton Row packet stuffing.  This year, we helped again.  I remember last year having my then two year old daughter helping me count out two safety pins for each envelope.  She couldn't count the needed four with her chubby hands, so I added two to each envelope too.  What teamwork!  This year, she helped by running from one side of the table to the other and waiting for me at each side with four pins (there were two lines for packet stuffing for efficiency).  She was cute and would say "Excuse me!" if she got in anyone's way.  Of course, my two children also sat in the corner and ate all kinds of the provided junk food while Rick and I stuffed packets.  5,000 packets were needed for Cotton Row's three events!  Wow! 

I am working on a post about Cotton Row.  Can you believe it's only a week away?

Friday--the swelling was bad that day

Wear your helmets!


  1. I just LOVE your kids! If you ever need a babysitter, you really should know you can call on me!!! I think they are absolutely precious!! I'm glad Nate is getting back to his usual activities and such. Mederma does work - I had a bad chin scar for a while and it was bright, nasty red. Massaging it lightly helps too, once it has healed. It breaks up the scar tissue underneath. Mine was sort of puffy for a while. And sunscreen. Eventually it will fade - it just takes time.

    I am GETTING EXCITED about Cotton Row. And nervous. I'm unsure of what this week should be like running-wise... :)

  2. One of the reasons I like to save up posts and read them all at once is to be able to find out the end of the story quicker. I'm so glad I've already seen how nicely he's healing. Sounds like you were a very brave momma! No wonder he's such a brave boy! So many parents would just get a sitter, or not go to help--what great teaching moments and memories for them!!! That's how kids learn to be adults like YOU!! :D