Monday, May 2, 2011

Tornados in Alabama

Sorry for the long delay, but we've had quite the ride.  A week ago today, really bad storms hit our area.  We are fine.  Many people lost homes and loved ones last week.  We lost power for four days.  Not much of a comparison, huh?  We stayed in town.  We were blessed with beautiful weather, so we left the windows open and spent alot of time outside.  Here is a brief synopsis of my memories of each day:

Wednesday, April 27, 2010
school open but delayed due to bad storms*preschool program beginning but then abruptly ending so children could be rushed to the basement*taking off my dress shoes to run to our car in the pouring rain with my children*hearing them laugh and think that it was the best thing ever*driving through two spots of heavy water on the road on the way home*seeing our creek completely overflowing on the sidewalk and street*putting on warm, dry clothes at home*watching Rick and our son gather earthworms during a break in the storms in the afternoon*cooking dinner and watching the oven timer flicker and then go out with only nine minutes left*heading outside to see the bad clouds coming overhead and rushing back inside*hearing it start to calm down outside*putting the children to bed in the dark with flashlights*heading to bed without power*being woken up twice by the children who could not sleep in the pitch black and were scared

Thursday, April 28, 2011
waking up to hear updates from our neighbor that power was going to be out for a reported four days*feeling bad that we didn't have a radio to listen to last night*deciding to buy a battery operated radio for next time*emptying the refrigerator and freezer*cooking perishable food that night with my twin sister and her family*feeling very fortunate to have our family safe and house undamaged*feeling completely disconnected without power or phone*feeling helpless by not being able to contact family to let them know we were okay*being amazed at the absolutely beautiful weather that day and deciding to stay in town and make the best of the situation*having a sunny picnic in the front yard*getting an unexpected gift of a HUGE box of books from a neighbor and spending time on the front lawn reading books together (Rick and our daughter reading a princess book)*having a county-wide curfew each night

Friday, April 29, 2011
reading the newspaper headlines "Dark Days" and "Help Your Neighbor"*sunny run listening to the sounds of many generators and lots of children outside playing*watching the children ride a dump truck and a wagon over and over again down our side yard slope*finally venturing out to look for ice in a nearby town*seeing some of the damage very near our house*stopping at our neighborhood Publix for some food*enjoying civilization*watching the children play with light-up bouncy balls in the playroom = pure joy for them AND me*dozing off to sleep in the playroom during our "sleepover"

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Rick commenting that the children didn't really miss the power at all*agreeing except for the fact that they were sleeping together in the playroom so they could be closer to us and not alone in the dark*inviting some church friends over to go on a walk and enjoy more beautiful weather*playing a fun card game

Sunday, May 1, 2011
hosting a "home church" together with friends on Sunday*eating in a nearby town for lunch and dinner and enjoying the food, service, and company so much*realizing that I take way too many things for granted each day*braving my first cold shower since losing power*seeing the power go back on at 10:30 p.m. and running out to tell Rick (who was sleeping in the backyard with our son in a tent)*smelling the electricity through my open bedroom window--eerie

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