Thursday, September 8, 2011


The secret to success=and then some

I was sitting in my church on Sunday, and this point just struck me as if the pastor was speaking only to me.  I suppose since the sermon title was "How to Get the Most Out of Every Day," it really does apply to all of us.  In fact, I wonder about people who can hear a sermon about making the most of your life and then get up and go about their day as if nothing at all matters.  It all matters.  

But before I go off on a tangent, I want to get back to the message above.  The secret to success is to do what you are required and then some.  I have been really struggling with this mindset as it relates to running and training.  It is very easy to run just one more mile in a daily run or to add just one more run to your week.  Mostly, I think the majority of people could benefit from doing these things!  But I struggle with taking things too far.  In this post, I talk about my struggle with anorexia.  It began with the exact same approach.  If I can eat just this much today, what if I can restrict my eating just as much tomorrow and then some?  It was a dangerous, slippery slope.

I lay awake each morning as Rick gets ready for his runs.  Today it was 3:30 a.m. when his alarm went off.  Tuesday it was 4:00 a.m.  I compare it to the "measly" 4:45 time that my alarm is set for on the days I run.  "And then some!"  this little voice inside me whispers.  Rick is running Chicago next month too, and he is aiming for a time only 5 minutes above my goal (a 3:10 to my 3:15).  His training program is from Advanced Marathoning, a book that has him running 70 mile weeks with marathon pace long runs.  Mine has 50+ mile weeks and slow and easy long runs.  "And then some,"  I think each time I compare our training.  Doubt in myself has the ability to cripple me if I will let it, if I let his training affect how I feel about mine.  We are all different.  We are beautiful creatures created by a wonderful and loving God.  Our abilities are different.  Just for today, I am not going to let these comparisons weigh me down. 

Just for today, I am enough.  The talents and strengths He's given me are enough---and then some.


  1. What a most excellent post!! Just for today I'm going to join you. :D

  2. I tried to comment when you wrote this, but it wouldn't work. I think this is so very true and I hope you remember these things always. Don't let doubt have any more time in your mind!