Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monte Sano 10K

The Monte Sano 10k and 5K were this Saturday, September 3.  My in-laws were in town, so Rick and I were able to drive up alone to the race and then were both able to run the 10K.  This race is super family-friendly, though, since the 10K and 5K start separately.  Last year, Rick ran the 10K and I watched the kids, and then I ran the 5K and he watched the kids. 

On Saturday I ran a mile or so to warm up and then about 6 miles with Rick to "cool down" (Rick's idea of a cool down is NOT my idea of a cool down!!!!), so I totaled around 13 miles for the day.  My time in the 10K was 43:19, or a 6:59 pace.  I took home 2nd OAF and won a lunch bag.  The course is loose gravel in places and is a 5K loop run twice.  Add in the hills and a turnaround (run twice), and it's a pretty difficult course.  See our team captain Eric's summary of the course here

It took some hunting and thinking to get a sense of whether it was a good time for me and for this course.  In my past results, I got a 43:35 back in 2004 and also was 2nd OAF--pretty close times!  Most recently, I ran the 10K here in 2009 and got a 45:05.  These results show me that I am now back to my times before kids in this race and that I have greatly improved since 2009!  This year I have gotten down to my old 5K and marathon times, but I've struggled with my 10K times.  My searches show that I am getting there, even though this time is not close to my old 10K PR (If you click on the link above, you will see Eric's quote that, "The old saying is that if your 10k personal best is on this course, you haven't run many 10ks!"). 

This race is a great way to see your friends as they run the race (no matter what pace they are going, with this course you will see almost everyone at least once!).  We all enjoyed cheering for each other as we passed familiar faces.  It was really a great distraction!

I am front and center in this picture.  To my right are fellow FF elite team members Kathy Youngren and Candace Jacobs (in front).
Photo by Gregg Gelmis

Monte Sano 10K 2011
Photo by Gregg Gelmis
1 6:40
2 6:56
3 6:51
4 7:06
5 7:16
6 7:04
.2 1:25

43:19 (6:59 pace)
20th OA
2nd OAF


  1. Well now! Looks like all that training IS paying off after all! Congrats on a great race, my friend!