Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best Individual Performances

After this entry on my own 2011 best performances, I thought it would be great to link up to my team's blog so you could see all of the great performances we've had this year.  Here is the blog for the Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville, Alabama.  What I find pretty amazing is that one of our captains, Eric Charette, writes the blog and was able to correctly identify each member's best performance.  He knows us all that well.  Eric did ask Rick (my husband) to verify the race he thought was Rick's best performance, but he knew that Chicago was mine (I, of course, agree).  Eric is pretty amazing to know all of us that well.  He really celebrates each victory with all of us, but he was one of only a few to offer condolences when I failed at St. Louis too.  I have great respect for someone who can know each of his teammates that well.

Our team will choose winners for the Best Male and Female Performance of 2011.  I don't plan to win, since we have so many outstanding performances this year (and every year).  But it does feel pretty amazing to be compared with these great athletes.  I feel very blessed to have such great competitors and friends.  Just yesterday, we stuffed packets for the Rocket City Marathon, and we caught up with and joked with our fellow teammates who were also volunteering their time.   Our children played with Candace's little boy (Candace is the overall female winner of the marathon last year and a fellow teammate).  It feels great to have these friendships--with teammates and with other runners too!  We have a great running community, and I am so thankful for it!

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