Monday, December 5, 2011


Here are the seeds from our Fleet Feet Racing Team for the Rocket City Marathon.  If you are new to marathoning or racing, you may not know what a "seed" is.  Basically, it is an honor to be seeded with a low race number.  They seed you based on your recent times (usually of the same distance) compared to others in the race.  So, if I am seeded first, I have the fastest recent marathon time, and thus, I am favored to win this race also.  Of course,am not seeded first in the marathon!  But I did get seeded 14th (women's seeds began at 1100).  I am quite proud of that seed!  I don't feel bad at all knowing that I will not get a chance to race with the other seeded women on Saturday.  I am even prouder of being asked to pace the 3:55 group!  A total of 5 team members will be pacing rather than competing in their seeded positions that day, so I am not alone.

Here is what Eric Charette wrote on the Fleet Feet Racing Team blog about our team's seeds:
With Rocket City Marathon coming up this Saturday, the Huntsville Track Club has announced the top seeds for Men and Women. Among them are quite a few runners from the Fleet Feet Racing Team and Fleet Feet employees who are either racing or have volunteered to be Nike Pacers as noted.

Seed / Recent Marathon Time / Marathon PR / Name / Age
17 2:41:20 2:41:20 Tim Vinson
19 2:43:40 2:43:40 Eric Charette (3:10 pacer)
20 2:44:00 2:44:00 Brandon Mader (3:00 pacer)
22 2:48:00 2:46:00 Zachary Koch
26 2:52:00 2:42:30 Dewayne Satterfield (3:05 pacer)
27 2:53:04 2:53:04 Blake Thompson
29 2:54:52 2:54:52 Kevin Betts
32 2:58:00 2:58:00 David O'Keefe (3:15 pacer)

Seed / Recent Marathon Time / Marathon PR / Name / Age
1103 2:54:21 2:54:21 Candace Jacobs
1114 3:15:00 3:15:00 Katie Maehlmann (3:55 pacer)
1126 3:28:18 3:28:18 Jillian Koch

Also serving as pacers from the Racing Team are Eric Patterson (3:30), David Rawlings (3:45), Christy Scott (4:00), Linda Scavarda (4:25), Kathy Youngren (6:00) and Rob Youngren (6:00).

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  1. Good luck at Rocket City! I'm planning to come just to cheer people on at the finish. I hope the weather turns out nice.