Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three and Five Days Out And MORE Black Toenails

Can you find A) The 2 old black toenails (they appear white) and B) The 2 new black toenails?

Answer: A) 4th and 9th from left
B) 3rd and 7th from left
Recovery from this marathon has been great so far and much easier than normal.  I have no idea how or why!  As usual, we walked a lot the day of the marathon after the race.  We did sightseeing and didn't sit too much.  On Monday, we rode for 10 hours in the car.  I kept taking Advil throughout the day, but I got stiff and felt soreness in my legs.  Tuesday I returned to life as normal, so I had school drop off, grocery shopping, dance practice, etc. to run around and do.  I felt very tired by the middle of the day and lacked energy, but I wasn't too sore. 

I took those two complete days off from running.  I felt good enough to meet my friends on Wednesday morning and ran 7.3 miles with them without any major pains.  The tops of my feet were very tender when I put on my running shoes.  I think I tied my laces too tight during the race?  And my two new black toenails were hurting.  Remember how I wrote here and here that they start out hurting a lot but don't turn black immediately?  Well, these two were black right away but didn't get as tender.  So I guess there are lots of ways they can turn black.  But they sure are ugly, and don't even look at the rest of my toes!  Ugly feet!

On Friday (five days out from the marathon), I ran 11.5 miles with my friends, just because we were all having such a nice conversation and the pace was so relaxed.  It is freeing to not be following a training schedule for the moment.  We had the funniest conversation about the word "explosiveness" and how it relates to cheerleading, running, and other sports.  Isn't it a fun word?

For the week, that puts me at almost 45 miles with only 3 days of running.  Today I ran the Liz Hurley 5K.  At one point in the race,  I thought I might be able to get a marathon PR and a 5K PR all in less than a week.  Then reality set in and I changed my mind about the 5K PR!  I will have a race report up here soon.

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  1. You crack me up! I passed the black toenail test. :). So glad recovery was quick and you were back running with us quickly! It has been a week full of fun runs!